North Queensferry Heritage Trust Village Show

We had a great afternoon yesterday (Sat 29th Aug) at the North Queensferry Village show. As the theme for this year was Food and Drink we thought the best thing to do was to bring along some samples from our amazing local suppliers. Heavenly Goodies Heavenly Goodies Sweetsprovided us with a range of fudge, chocolates, oatcakes and fantastic spicy chili jam. Trotters independent condiments provided a selection of chutney and Grill 48 provided some amazing homemade salsa which went down really well.


We also brought along our mocktail making kit and got adults and children making mocktails. This is a great way in getting the kids interested in drinking fruit juice and they all really enjoyed making the drinks. The most popular by far was the Apple Twist. Mocktail Shaker


To make an apple twist we suggest using an old jam jar to shake the drink as not everyone has a cocktail shaker at home and these make a great alternative.




50ml Pineapple Juice

50ml Apple Juice


Lemonade to taste however this is optional



  • Add the pineapple juice, apple juice and ice to the jar and shake really well until you have a good froth in the jar
  • Using the lid hold back the ice and strain the juice into a glass
  • Top with lemonade if desired



For further information on our mocktail making parties visit our sister page. Parties are available in the Train Station Waiting Room. For further information call 01383 720848 or email