Forth Bridge Hub Season Opening

Once again the Forth Bridge Hub has opened its doors for the summer season. We are very pleased with the renovation work recently undertaken by the Heritage trust during the winter period. The Ticket office and waiting room have had a door knocked Renovations of Forth Bridge Hubbetween them which has now doubled the space available in the café. There has also been a new state of the heart heating system put in place which will of course help on the cold mornings.

This season we are looking forward to once again working with the Heritage trust, local businesses and North Queensferry residents to improve the service available to the community and to tourists visiting North Queensferry. Linn is now the chair of the World Renovations Forth Bridge HubHeritage Business Tourism Group. The group are working with organisations, and businesses from both North and South of the Forth to develop local visitor experience to help encourage visitors from around the world to visit our UNESCO World Heritage site. They believe however that the very first experience anyone should experience of the Forth Bridge is crossing it by train and this will always be a major point in the future plans.

The Forth Bridge Hub is here for the entire community to use and we are looking forward to bringing new events to the hub over the season. If you have any queries, suggestions or ideas please do not hesitate to contact us.